Shape and structure

Celebrating the beauty of structure and geometry, the latest collections from CTD Architectural will bring a sense of character and depth to any commercial or residential space.

New for autumn 2019, CTD Architectural Tiles has introduced a broad range of designs to its growing portfolio of wall tiles, including the eye-catching Shapes, Murals Lines and Kenzo. Ideal for designers, specifiers and developers looking to make a statement, the new ranges combine a multitude of structures, patterns and finishes to deliver surfaces that perform both aesthetically and practically.


An eye-catching wall tile collection, Kenzo is a modern revival of the classic 150 x 150 plain colour wall tile. Using a soft tonal palette of navy, black and white, the collection comprises three plain coloured tiles and five geometric designs in either black or blue. Whether mixed or matched, the Kenzo tiles are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.


The perfect marriage between luxurious finishes and geometric 3D design, Shapes is a versatile glazed ceramic wall tile collection. Ideal for those looking to make a true statement, designers can create unlimited combinations of the individual patterns, resulting in unique and arresting interior schemes.

Murals Lines

An innovative and visually striking ceramic wall tile collection, Murals Lines delivers a subtle architectural and geometric feel. Offering the freedom of customised design, this collection gives designers and architects the ability to create multi-dimensional standout schemes within any manner of residential or commercial project.