SGG Cool-Lite Xtreme 70/33 II offers market leading solar control performance

SGG Cool-Lite Xtreme 70/33 II is the latest product from Saint-Gobain Glass to target the premium commercial market, offering specifiers and glass processing companies a thermally efficient ‘to-be-toughened’ option that features high light transmission, a low solar factor and excellent neutrality.

SGG Cool-Lite Xtreme 70/33 II features a unique market leading performance band by combining a high light transmission of 70 per cent with an extremely low Solar Factor of 0.33. The light transmission ensures a high level of natural light floods any open space and the low solar factor blocks 67 per cent of solar heat gain.

Adrian Adams, Better Working Market Manager for Saint-Gobain Glass commented:

“The high performance SGG Cool-Lite Xtreme 70/33 II triple silver coating features a selectivity of 2.12 whilst also offering a center pane u-value of 1.0W/m²k.

“The products unique features make it the best product available on the market for combined light transmission and solar factor as well as excellent neutrality on a ‘to be toughened’ triple silver product.”

The high selectivity of SGG Cool-Lite Xtreme 70/33 II  results in the product offering increased energy efficiency and helps reduce the requirement of air conditioning.

“A reduced requirement of HVAC results in a significant decrease on energy consumption and CO2 emissions for a potential project; this can therefore make a building environmentally friendly, which can have a positive impact on BREEAM points when designing a project.

“Furthermore, as the product offers a high light transmittance of 70 per cent this increases the diffusion of natural light which is strongly linked to occupant productivity, well-being & comfort and helps create a pleasant working environment.”

SGG Cool-Lite Xtreme 70/33 II features excellent aesthetics, which provides greater design capabilities; the coating is neutral and low reflective, which means a potential reduction in the amount of external shading devices that need to be used.