SFS Intec develops new swarf-free stitching fastener for optimum clamping performance

SFS intec has developed a swarf-free stitching fastener in response to demand from designers crying out for a solution which eliminates the issue. The new SLG-S features a hardened pierce point drill point for quick, easy and clean installation into the steel lap.

The ‘stitching’ of steel sheet side laps is a fast, trouble-free and fool proof task when using a free-spin stitcher, such as SFS intec’s SL2; it doesn’t strip its thread in the sheet and is well proven after many millions being sold. However, self drilling tools produce swarf – those tiny steel chips which rest on the sheet surface which quickly corrode and stain the sheet.

Suitable for all profiled steel sheet and composite panel applications, the new side lapping fastener is fast and safe to install while ensuring an increasingly more secure and watertight bond. With a capacity to clamp sheet thicknesses ranging from 2x 0.4mm to 2x 1.0mm, it also features the original thread-free zone for optimal clamping. Its double start thread also guarantees a speedy installation process.

Peter Hamby, business development manager at SFS intec, said:

“Loose metal chippings on the roof during installation not only produce unsightly marks which have to be cleaned, but they can also interfere with the performance of the washer. Exposure to the weather will make the swarf chips rust and trapped swarf under the washer may well degrade its sealing properties over time, resulting in leaks.

“Our new development not only eliminates this risk but also reduces the maintenance time on the roof for cleaning. In addition, due to its free-spin design, its fast and risk-free installation ensures a much more efficient fix for the installer. This is an ideal product for use with the latest energy panels incorporating PV elements.”

The swarf-free fastener was designed with a hardened pierce point to guarantee a long term connection and eliminate concern of unwinding. Coupled with a 3mm EPDM and softer 40 shore washer, an optimum sealing capacity is always provided.

SFS intec works hard to constantly drive innovation and R&D, and invests highly in the best machinery and manufacturing personnel to produce the highest performing fasteners and fixings – such as the SLG-S – to continue to meet the industry’s ever-changing demands.

For more information on the new swarf-free stitcher, please contact SFS intec on 0113 2085 500, email uk.leeds(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)sfsintec.biz or visit www.sfsintec.biz/uk.