Sentinel launch fail-safe water treatment system

To help installers and specifiers get the water treatment process right every time, Sentinel has launched a simple yet comprehensive best practice solution. The ‘Sentinel System’ promotes a straightforward, three-step water treatment process of ‘clean, protect, maintain’ designed to ensure lifetime protection of heating and hot water systems.

As part of the Sentinel System, every product across the entire Sentinel range has been conveniently placed into a clean, protect, or maintain category (according to its overall function within the water treatment process), and each category is represented by a distinct and easily recognisable symbol. These symbols will now not only be displayed on all new Sentinel product packaging – thus enabling users to quickly identify the role of any particular product – but will also be incorporated into Sentinel’s latest marketing literature and can be found throughout the new website, The upshot is an all-encompassing solution that helps installers and specifiers to simplify the water treatment process so they can both improve it and achieve better heating system pass rates for circulating water.

This development is seen as both important and proactive since Sentinel offers the most comprehensive range of high quality water treatment products available on the market. Indeed, Sentinel’s range includes products intended for many different types and ages of heating and hot water systems – whether traditional or renewable, domestic or commercial, new installation or retrofit – as well as those designed to tackle specific problems. It demonstrates that Sentinel is not just a seller of products, but rather a provider of total solutions designed to make life easy for its customers.

The three-step system is also designed to benefit installers in other ways. For instance, it will help them explain to homeowners, in very simple terms, why heating and hot water systems need protection and the long-term advantages that water treatment brings. Such open dialogue is not only likely to be appreciated by the homeowner, but will also help to generate greater trust between them and the installer, thus boosting the installer’s reputation as an honest, reliable, and professional tradesperson.

Daniel Cheung, Sentinel UK Trade Marketing Manager, explained:

“Ultimately, the new Sentinel System represents an easy-to-follow, three-step programme for best practice treatment of heating and hot water systems. Firstly, cleaning removes sludge, limescale, or installation debris to prepare a system for better performance. Secondly, protecting with a high quality inhibitor prolongs system life and efficiency. Last but not least, maintaining a system by regularly checking water quality ensures durable protection”.

He added:

“Poor water treatment leads to a multitude of problems – wasted energy, boiler breakdown, system noise, etc. – which can reflect badly on installers. The Sentinel System has been designed to make it much easier for installers to achieve consistently high standards in water treatment and fully protect their customers’ heating and hot water systems over the long-term. This will not only give them the satisfaction of a job well done, but also help to build the business reputation they deserve as a professional plumber”.

Like most good ideas, the Sentinel System is a very simple concept. However, it certainly helps ensure that protection isn’t compromised by errors or lack of knowledge and is set to prove a real boost to the industry.

The Sentinel System of clean, protect maintain, is explained in Sentinel’s new installer video, found at