Sentinel Commercial’s water treatment CPD

Without proper water treatment, commercial heating systems will fall foul of corrosion and limescale – phenomena that can result in problems such as reduced energy efficiency, poor system performance, loss of boiler warranty, premature replacement of plant and components, and even complete boiler failure. In short, poor water treatment is bad news for commercial buildings; in addition to being financially costly, unplanned maintenance and system downtime can have a serious impact on business continuity and be incredibly damaging to an organisation’s reputation.

Sentinel Commercial’s CPD on Water Treatment in Commercial Heating Systems will help participants to avoid all such issues. Following a review of industry guidelines and regulations (from bodies such as BSRIA, ICOM and the Building Services Compliance Guide) regarding water treatment, the course takes an in-depth look at how corrosion and limescale develop in, and affect, heating and hot water systems. Often misunderstood or unknown facts, for example that poor quality inhibitors can fail to stabilise pH within required levels and so lead to corrosion, or that just 1.6mm of limescale reduces boiler efficiency by 12%, are explored.

Of course, the topic of how to easily and cost-effectively deliver best practice water treatment solutions – and therefore maintain system energy ratings, protect boiler warranties (some of which are offered up to seven years), and ultimately achieve lifetime boiler and system protection – is at the heart of Sentinel’s CPD.

Participants will be guided through the best practice water treatment system of ‘clean, protect, maintain’, which is suitable for controlling corrosion and the formation of scale and sludge in closed circuit heating systems. The approach of system flushing and cleaning, addition of chemical water treatment (inhibitor), and periodic system water checks is explained in detail.

Permanent limescale prevention solutions (recommended in the Building Services Compliance Guide to Part L) for ‘once through’ hot water systems are surveyed within the practical contexts of maintenance, associated requirements (such as storage and handling), and overall running costs.

Finally, the CPD explores a number of case studies that provide real-world examples of the problems and costs associated with poor water treatment (but positively, how these issues were rectified).

Sentinel Water Treatment in Commercial Heating Systems CPD is delivered by Sentinel Commercial’s leading engineers, all of whom benefit from years of experience in the application of water treatment within a variety of commercial systems. The course can be hosted at clients’ own offices, Sentinel’s purpose-built training facility in Daresbury (within Sentinel’s headquarters), or at pre-arranged venues throughout the country.

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