ScanLAB Projects to document UK’s leading architecture show with state of the art scanning technology

To coincide with London Technology Week, ScanLAB Projects, run by Bartlett School of Architecture graduates Matthew Shaw and William Trossell, return this year to document The Bartlett Summer Show for the fifth year running.

Using state of the art 3D scanning technology ScanLAB ‘digitise space’ by capturing a cloud of over a billion precisely measured points which they then assemble into a virtual model. Exhibition spaces are individually scanned in full colour and with millimetre accuracy and used to create interactive apps (available free on iTunes) allowing users to navigate the exhibitions and enjoy the work long after the exhibition closes.

The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL will present its annual student showcase The Bartlett Summer Show from 27 June – 11 July 2015 in a new temporary space on Hampstead Road. ScanLAB scanned the Hampstead Road building two years ago when it was vacant and have followed its journey from being empty to being occupied, including the show spaces themselves. This has culminated in a dramatic three minute film documenting the building transformation in the run up to the opening of the show.

As well as working with The Bartlett School of Architecture on its show, ScanLAB also teach and research at UCL, exploring the potential of large scale terrestrial laser scanning as tool for design, visualisation and fabrication. Working with designers, artists and scientists on a worldwide portfolio of projects, it is clear that the unique insights offered by this process will have a substantial impact on a variety of industries.

A recent ScanLAB project featured on BBC1’s programme, Rome’s Invisible City, involved 3D scans of the secret underground world of the Colosseum to the aqueducts, quaries and sewers of ancient Rome.