Saniflo publishes new Professional Range Solutions diagram

With a growing trend for multi functional commercial buildings creating a demand for clever plumbing solutions, the experts at Saniflo have designed a new graphic illustrating how the Saniflo professional range meets the need for robust products in demanding situations.

The diagram shows drainage solutions for a four storey commercial building with gym, offices, a café, WC facilities and showers and suggests a combination of Saniflo pumps and macerators to be used to guarantee heavy, continuous use anywhere a water supply can reach.

Customer Services and Marketing Manager of Saniflo UK, Ann Boardman, comments:

“Commercial projects can sometimes seem daunting and complex, but actually the solutions are often more straightforward than you’d think, thanks to the wide range of professional solutions offered by Saniflo. Our new Professional Range Solutions diagram depicts a fairly complex scenario and shows just how efficiently and easily drainage solutions can be provided, even for the air conditioning unit and boiler.

“The new Professional Range Solutions diagram is designed to make the life of our commercial customers easy. Keeping abreast of product developments is a big task and so a quick, at a glance diagram help to simplify the product selection process.”

The Professional Range Solutions graphic is available from Saniflo stockists across the country.