Saniflo launches new Traymatic

Saniflo has launched a new version of its popular Traymatic, a low profile shower tray. Now available with anti-slip flooring, ramps, a round waste, plus an optional shower seat and measuring just 5.3cm high, the new Traymatic is suitable for more applications than ever before.

Perfect for domestic and commercial settings, Traymatic is supplied with either an internal or external pump, which sits above floor level. This means there is no need to either excavate the floor, which saves lots of time and mess, or; raise the tray up, which keeps this low level tray low.

Traymatic will discharge in 2.2cm pipework a distance of 2.5 metres vertically and 20 metres horizontally (or a lesser combination of the two).

Ann Boardman, customer services and marketing manager, Saniflo UK said:

“Traymatic makes is possible for anyone to have a shower almost anywhere a water supply can reach.”

“The new anti-slip flooring, ramps and optional seat make it more appealing than ever to a wider range of inclusive design showering spaces and general domestic and commercial settings.”

“The sturdy tray can easily accommodate a wheelchair and it’s also perfect for children and the less able who struggle to step up into higher shower trays. Plus, it’s stylish enough to look the part in the most contemporary of bathrooms.”