Saniflo brand identity evolves

Saniflo, a leading designer and manufacturer of macerators and pumps, is updating its brand identity to align with parent company SFA. With headquarters in Paris, France, and a 60-year track record of success on the continent, SFA is now updating and unifying the branding of all subsidiaries around the world.

In the UK, Saniflo name has been retained in the new identity in recognition of the many years of positive association with plumbers, installers and the wider industry. Saniflo also enjoys the accolade of being the generic term for a macerator here.

As well as refining the font and tweaking the colour of the Saniflo name itself, two teardrop shapes have been added to reflect the movement of water and the SFA Group branding has been added to the overall logo. The result is a modern, sleek logo that retains the pedigree of the Saniflo name. It is currently being implemented across all promotional resources and has gone live on the website with immediate effect.