This roof build-up reduces the risk of flooding

The increase in rain events and flooding and a lowering of the water table are clear indicators that the ecology of the water cycle has been severely impaired as a result of climate change and the consistently high level of soil sealing.

This is where green roofs come into play, providing additional green space in densely developed urban areas. Each green roof stores a certain quantity of stormwater and then allows it to run-off in a time delay or to evaporate on the roof. The New Stormwater Management Roof from ZinCo expands this retention effect and in so doing effectively balances out precipitation peaks.

Each individual green roof contributes to the alleviation of the public sewerage system. For example, a standard extensive green roof stores between 20 and 40 l/m² of water in its green roof build up and an intensive green roof stores between 50 and 100 l/m², in some cases even more. With regard to the risk of flooding, a green roof should store as much water as possible. Otherwise, the excess water available to plants can result in a transformation of the vegetation and therefore to a requirement for increased maintenance and care or even to water logging and root rot. For this reason, ZinCo has developed the new Stormwater Management Roof in two separate parts, the retention volume and the actual green roof build-up.