Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners boosts employee benefits in new partnership with My Family Care

Leading architectural practice, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSHP) is demonstrating its commitment to retaining talent and supporting its caring workforce through an innovative partnership with My Family Care.

The practice, which employs over 200 staff worldwide, and 180 in the UK, has joined forces with the specialist provider of family-friendly services to offer enhanced benefits that help their staff balance work and family life.

As a result of the new partnership, RSHP staff have free access to a bespoke online portal with a number of helpful features including a database of childcare providers searchable by area, a zone dedicated to helping dads in the workplace, and regular webinars that enable employees to ask questions and get tips on balancing work and family care. The portal also provides information on clubs and activities to fill childcare gaps during the school holidays.

Amanda Darbon, HR Manager at Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners says:

“We have the best employee benefits package in the industry but we became aware that we could improve on policies for our caring workforce. Rather than just looking at our working mums, we are now providing more support for our working dads and those members of staff who are carers for elderly relatives – or who are both and part of the so-called ‘sandwich generation’.”

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners provides a generous maternity package to encourage female staff, who account for 38 per cent of the company, back to work after having a baby. Flexible working has also proved popular and from April 2015 new legislation will be put into practice enabling men and women to share parental leave.

Amanda continues:

“We’ve based these implementations on focus groups that we’ve run throughout the organisation to gauge what all our staff think and feel. Architecture is a profession dominated by passionate people who have invested a great deal into their careers so it’s only right that they should be able to come and talk to us openly about creating a manageable balance between work and family life, and My Family Care have been a great help in facilitating these conversations.

“My advice to other architecture practices is to listen to your staff, look at each case individually and be flexible enough to provide tailored solutions.”

Ben Black, Director of My Family Care says:

“Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners is just one of the many companies that are being forward-thinking enough to put family-friendly values at the top of their agenda. The architecture industry on the whole is perceived to be one that entails long hours and utter dedication to ensure a project is finished on time and clients are happy. However, in order to maintain a high quality workforce, companies need to introduce ways to attract and retain the best staff. Employers like Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners invest a lot of time and money in recruiting top talent, so it makes sense to listen to their needs and support them as best they can as they make that transition either to working parent or part-time carer.”