Rockspan delivers visual extra for North Hykeham Energy Recovery Facility

Rockspan Extra wall panels finished in jade green and ultra black are a stunning visual feature of the new Energy Recovery Facility at North Hykeham. It is planned to help Lincolnshire County Council achieve its local, national and European targets for the management of its municipal solid waste. The facility is designed as a combined heat and power plant to incinerate 150,000 tonnes per year of residual waste generating enough electricity to power 15,000 homes for sale to the national grid.

The low environmental impact of Eurobond Laminates’ Rockspan wall panel makes it particularly suitable for a project such as this ERF facility that is driven by environmental concerns. The 150mm thick green and black Rockspan Extra panels have a high density stone wool core that provide a fully tested 2 hours fire rating with increased acoustic performance and spanning capabilities. The long spans reduce the need for secondary steelwork, save on build costs and create a weather tight envelope quickly to help shorten construction time.

Architecturally a curved roof ‘shell’ houses the tipping hall and boiler hall and softens the visual impact of the building from elevated views from Lincoln. This curved shell is intersected by a refined rectilinear form containing the other process areas which extends at roof level to create a grand colonnade that reinforces the ‘civic’ façade of the building where the visitor centre and administration facilities are sited.

The building is 190m long, 30m wide, at its peak reaches 45m high and has a 75m chimney stake. The project is estimated to have cost £145 million and will operate 24 hours a day creating 33 new jobs.

Client: Lincolnshire County Council
Main Contractor: CINM/Clugston Construction
Architects: Concept: – Studio E Delivery: Weedon Partnership