Rockfon has sound quality down to a fine art at contemporary London gallery

October Gallery, the cutting-edge contemporary art space in Bloomsbury London, was searching for a solution to reduce the amount of noise in its exhibition rooms and café. The gallery appointed acoustic consultants, Sandy Brown Associates, to advise on improvements to the sound insulation and room acoustics. Having taken reverberation time measurements, Sandy Brown Associates put forward recommendations to control reverberation in these areas.

Once a Victorian school house, the October Gallery was suffering from a lot of reverberation noise due to the wooden flooring and sound travelling though the ceilings as Chili Hawes, October Gallery owner, explained,

“When there were more than 10 people in the gallery it became very noisy making it difficult for visitors to hear each other.”

Panarc Interior Solutions installed 150m2 of the Rockfon Mono Acoustic ceiling system using an MF framework, with 1 layer of 15mm soundbloc board; this provided additional sound insulation value to reduce noise transfer between the floors. The elegant seamless acoustic ceiling creates a modern look ideally suited for the contemporary art gallery.

Neil Johnstone from Panarc made the following observations.

“This was a perfect situation which could benefit from the Rockfon Mono Acoustic ceiling system. The acoustic difference after completion was quite incredible. We are currently talking to a number of other galleries who have similar acoustic issues. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Chili and her team for all their patience and assistance.”

Since the installation of the new ceiling, the room acoustics in the gallery have been re-recorded and the reverberation times have reduced by 56% in the 500Hz and 1KHz octave bands. The gallery owners are hugely impressed saying:

“The ability to communicate in the gallery is so much better and the attractive appearance of the new ceiling has made an incredible difference to the customer experience.”

ROCKFON Mono Acoustic is a highly effective monolithic ceiling made of 100% stone wool which provides excellent sound absorption. The flexible installation options allow architects greater creative freedom in designing ceilings in spaces which have an abundance of acoustically hard surfaces . Either sloping, flat or curved – in white and bespoke colours – it can be installed directly or suspended as a full ceiling, ceiling islands or even on walls for achieving optimum acoustic comfort. The multipurpose system can be adapted to the architecture of any building.