ROCKFON displays deep acoustic and aesthetic design know-how

Rawlins Academy College in Leicestershire is proud of its new Deep End Activity Centre that opened this year to huge acclaim.

The Centre was formerly a swimming pool which has been converted into a multi-use fitness studio and activity space to be enjoyed by students and the public. To help create a healthy acoustic environment, ROCKFON® VertiQ® A wall absorbers and ROCKFON® Eclipse® ceiling islands were installed throughout.

The Centre was built with hard surfaces that are highly reverberant. YMD Boon architect Sharesh Setayesh specified ROCKFON acoustic solutions and explained why:

“The main requirement was to ensure speech could be heard clearly when the studio is in use. ROCKFON acoustic products deliver excellent sound absorption. The ceiling rafts and wall panels are robust to withstand demanding wear and tear and provide an excellent quality of finish that supports the interior design.”

ROCKFON Eclipse are innovative suspended ceiling islands made of 40mm stone wool with smooth, durable surfaces. Eclipse offers the highest performance in sound absorption as both sides of the island absorb sound and contribute to reducing reverberation time. They are the perfect choice for buildings that feature hard materials like glass and concrete.

The islands are aesthetically pleasing and make a distinctive feature in their own right. ROCKFON Eclipse islands offer true design freedom; they’re available in square, rectangular, circular and custom formats and come in any colour you want, creating endless possibilities.

The islands are quick to install. They’re hung from wires and appear to float in mid-air. They can be positioned in any arrangement, at any height, even mounted at different angles adding distinctive visual appeal to any room. Martin Cox, Project Consultant at Vision Projects was impressed by how easy it was to fit the islands and wall panels.

“One of the challenges faced was fitting the islands around the integral lights and services. ROCKFON’s Technical Serviceswere on hand to offer assistance and ensure the installation went smoothly and was ready on time. I’m now installing both products again in a new project.”