RIBA responds to revised NPPF

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) welcomes several of the revisions made to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) outlined by the Prime Minister at today’s launch, however stronger action is needed to support public sector investment in housing and prioritise design quality.

RIBA President Ben Derbyshire says:

“While there is much to welcome in these proposals, the stark truth remains that the housing crisis will not be solved without major direct investment by the Government and Local Authorities in housing and infrastructure.

“We are pleased that the Government have listened to the RIBA and others about the importance of good design in new housing. The NPPF makes numerous positive suggestions that will support the ambitions of architects and developers to build more high quality, sustainable and affordable new homes.

“The proposals to change the rules on viability and developer contributions should provide greater certainty for developers and communities and lead to more transparent relations between those looking to build new houses and those who already live in the area. This is something the RIBA and others have long been calling for and we hope the proposals will be welcomed by the whole sector.

“The problems caused by developers who overbid for land and then use commercial confidentiality to avoid building affordable housing or providing the necessary infrastructure is a source of huge delay and destroys the trust that is vital to securing community support for new housing.

“The Prime Minister was right to recognise the critical importance of turning planning permissions into new homes. Urgent action must be taken on delays in the planning system such as the overuse of planning preconditions which hinder development cause design quality to suffer.”