RIBA President Ben Derbyshire writes letter to The Times

“Sir, In Clive Aslet’s Thunderer (“It’s time architects designed homes people really want”, Nov 30), he excoriates architects and, in particular, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), where I have recently taken over as president, for being obsessed by modernism and inured to the wishes and aspirations of the public.

“In my role I fully intend to ensure that all the aesthetic traditions espoused by our members are given a full and fair hearing. In recent weeks we have hosted two exhibitions here at Portland Place focused on the part that traditional architecture plays in creating a quality environment. In recent years we have published widely and campaigned forcefully to obtain a better deal for the consumers of homebuilding in Britain.

“Search ‘housing’ on our website: www.architecture.com and you will find 20 such items in the last six months alone. Aslet’s wilful misrepresentation of our position also ignores the fact that the hugely popular House of the Year series with Channel 4 celebrates individually commissioned designs of wide diversity.

“As a lifelong specialist in housing design, I shall continue to campaign with the RIBA for quality housing design that delivers on the promise of human well-being.”

– RIBA President Ben Derbyshire