RIBA President responds to Prime Minister pledge to transform Sink Estates

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that some of the country’s most run-down housing estates will be replaced with attractive and safe homes.

  • Country’s worst housing estates to be removed and replaced with safe and attractive homes for residents
  • Comprehensive approach to estate regeneration to be created
  • New £140 million fund to jump-start regeneration projects
  • Prime Minister: Time to end ‘decades of neglect’ to aid social reform

RIBA President Jane Duncan said:

“We welcome the Government’s decision to look at improving the built environment in the most deprived communities in our country. We believe passionately that everyone has a right to enjoy and benefit from well-designed architecture. These community improvements, however, can’t come at the expense of existing residents and see further reductions in the number of social rented homes at a time where there is already a desperate shortage.”

Ref: 58207