RIBA launches new suite of Professional Services Contracts

RIBA’s new Professional Services Contracts (PSCs) are the essential, customisable contracts to make the appointment of architectural services easier and more efficient.

Replacing the current RIBA Agreement documents, RIBA PSCs will launch 23rd October 2018. The five new documents will cater to all requirements and provide comprehensive terms suitable where the architect or consultant undertakes a commission for architectural services.

As it is legally advisable that both parties have original signed copies of contracts, RIBA PSCs can be tailored and prepared online so that final copies can be issued to each party at no extra cost. While they will also be available in print format, generating them online allows professionals to create, alter, manage and view all contracts in one secure location before printing the final document.

The new suite has been specifically written to integrate with the RIBA Building Contracts and the RIBA Plan of Work 2013. Key changes that the RIBA PSCs introduce include clauses regarding novation, insurance, dispute resolution, a simplified fees and charges and redrafted schedules of services. Architects liability sections have also been amended so that liability is limited to the projects at hand, while net contribution has been re-introduced.

RIBA Professional Services Contracts at will be available through www.architecture.com/ribacontracts