RIBA Client Adviser Contracts – independent, expert advice that puts you in control of your construction project

The new RIBA Professional Service Contract for Client Advisers is now available both via the RIBA Contracts Digital tool and on paper.

The contract outlines the types of services a Client Adviser may offer, provides guidance on how to appoint a RIBA Client Adviser and distinguishes services from those of an architect.

The RIBA Plan of Work 2020 recognises the strategic role of Client Advisers at the very early stages of a project, before the architect and design team are appointed. RIBA Client Advisors play a unique role by enabling informed decision-making to ensure successful outcomes. They are professionals who work client-side to support, advise and direct the client through the life-cycle of a project. Their role includes: developing the brief, examining the feasibility of the project, setting sustainability and safety goals, selecting the right team and providing all the support needed to successfully complete your project.

Although a Client Adviser will work for the client, they remain independent from the design team. RIBA Client Advisers are highly-trained, experienced architects, specially chosen for their all-round design and quality assessment experience and business knowledge. They also have an impressive track record of delivering results before, during and after construction projects and programmes of work.

Having a RIBA Client Adviser onboard with your project can help bring certainty and minimise risk. They can also help maximise the value of your investment. In addition, RIBA Client Advisers contribute to the improvement of quality and resilience in the built environment, and deliver successful projects throughout the UK.

The Client Adviser Professional Services Contract can be purchased through the RIBA Contracts Digital tool now.

More information on RIBA Client Advisers, what they do and projects they work on, can be found at architecture.com