RIBA awards £75,000 to support architectural research

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has today announced the recipients of the RIBA Research Trust Awards, the RIBA LKE Ozolins Studentship and the RIBA Boyd Auger Scholarship.

RIBA Research Trust Awards
The RIBA Research Trust Awards are offered annually to support independent architectural research. The 2016 recipients of the RIBA Research Trust Awards are:

· Bill Halsall and Robert MacDonald, ‘Design for Dementia: The International Architectural Challenges and Responses’- £8,000
· Philip Graham, ‘Appropriate Housing: A land partnering model to deliver good homes as places to stay and play’- £8,000
· Roland Karthaus, ‘Building rehabilitative spaces’- £8,000
· Torsten Schmiedeknecht, ‘The representation of modern architecture through illustrations in postwar British children’s literature’- £6,000

RIBA LKE Ozolins Studentship
The RIBA LKE Ozolins Studentship is awarded to a student who wishes to pursue, continue, or complete a higher degree in research (PhD/MPhil or MRes). The 2016 recipient of the RIBA LKE Ozolins Studentship is:

Judit Ferencz, ‘The Graphic Novel as an Interdisciplinary Conservation Method in Architectural Heritage’ – £40,000

RIBA Boyd Auger Scholarship

The RIBA Boyd Auger Scholarship supports architecture students or recent graduates by providing an opportunity for imaginative, original research and travel. The 2016 recipient of the RIBA Boyd Auger Scholarship is:

· Laura Evans, ‘Portico and Patio: Response to Climate and Tradition in Cuban Modernist Architecture’ – £5,000

Applications for the three funding schemes were assessed by the RIBA Research Grants sub-committee, comprising:
· Professor Robert Brown, Plymouth University (RIBA Council member)
· Dolan Conway
· Sophie Handler (Chair)
· Robert Mitchell, Mitchell Taylor Workshop
· Dr Alexandra Stara, Kingston University
· Victoria Thornton, Open City
· Meryl Townley, van Heyningen and Haward Architects (RIBA Council member)
· Dr Stephen Walker, University of Sheffield