RIBA announces new student funding schemes with record funds

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has today announced that students enrolling in RIBA Part 1 and Part 2 courses in September 2018 will be able to apply for the highest amount of money the Institute has offered in its history.

Architecture students who currently face financial hardship can apply to the new RIBA Student Support Fund, a scheme devised to assist applicants with up to £3,000 per academic year in one-off payments, depending on their individual financial situation.

The Institute has also unveiled the new RIBA Part 1 Bursaries, aimed at supporting students currently enrolled in the first year of Part 1 in the UK by giving them £1,000 per term in their second and third years. The aim of these bursaries is to provide long-term financial support to architecture students who demonstrate talent and commitment to their studies and are struggling to cover the costs of living and course-related expenditure.

The scheme builds on the success of the existing RIBA Part 2 Bursaries that support students with £6,000 grants paid termly in the first and second years of their UK Part 2. Since their introduction in 2015, the RIBA has awarded a total of £108,000 to 18 students.

This year, and thanks to generous donations from the Ayyub Malik Trust, the bequest of Walter J Parker, the Rosenberg Memorial Fund, and individual donations by RIBA members, the Institute is awarding 12 bursaries (four Part 1 Bursaries and eight Part 2 bursaries) worth £72,000.

Speaking today, RIBA President Ben Derbyshire said:

“I am delighted that the Institute is able to support more architecture students than ever before with a record amount of money generously donated by individuals, and trusts and foundations. I feel proud to have raised money for the fund and encourage other individuals and practices to support where possible. These schemes are critical to ensure students of architecture make the most of their studies without the burden of financial pressures, and to widen the participation of a diverse student body across all stages of architectural education.”

John-Paul Nunes, RIBA Head of Education Projects said:

“The Part 1 and Part 2 bursaries are the result of a significant overhaul of our previous funding structures that, in addition to addressing immediate financial hardship, will allow us to support more students than ever before at the stages of architectural education with the highest dropout rates.”

“Talented students who are now in the first year of a Part 1 course who are considering abandoning their studies because of financial pressures can apply for a RIBA Part 1 Bursary and, if successful, be reassured that the Institute has earmarked funds to support them for the duration of their Part 1.”

Together with other regular annual funds that support students at Part 1 and Part 2, these three new schemes will allow the Institute to allocate £220,000 towards assisting students during the 2018/19 academic year.