Remmers waterproofing solutions keep guests dry

The roof of a busy hotel in the central of Manchester required general repairs and had failing waterproofing to the parapet walls.

The building had been suffering from water ingress from the roof for a number of years which had gradually worsened over time.  This had led to water damage to the interior and had highlighted problems with the parapet concrete wall above.

The failed areas of waterproofing required replacing with a flexible water-proof system which could be terminated over the parapet wall and into the existing waterproofing.

Remmers Kiesol was used as an injection agent to remedy the damp in the brickwork and is ideal for fair-faced masonry with high moisture penetration. Remmers Multi-Tight 2K was also applied as it has a crack-bridging capacity five times more effective than the standard flexible mineral based waterproofing systems.