Range of colours and finishes mean Hunter Douglas facades stand out from the crowd

Choosing a Hunter Douglas facade enables architects and designers to select the exact look and feel for the exterior of any building project.

As an international leader in architectural building products, Hunter Douglas has long led the way when it comes to providing innovative and eye-catching aluminium facades that are both durable and stylish.

Specially engineered to withstand even the most severe weather conditions and created using technology developed for the aircraft industry, the facades come in a wide range of shapes, joint options, and material.

However, it is Hunter Douglas’s extensive range of finishes and colours that makes its premium quality Quadroclad and Multiple Panel facades stand out.

Thanks to its use of fascinatingly coloured mica pigmentations, architects and designers now have the ultimate freedom to unleash their creativity, transforming any building by choosing from finishes in matt through to high gloss and selecting from the most subtle of shades to bold and bright colours.

The company, which has been creating and manufacturing bespoke facades for more than 40 years, can replicate the appearance of other metals such as zinc, copper, titanium,
Cor-Ten steel and stainless steel and is able to reproduce anodised finishes, providing a real alternative and better consistency of colour over traditional anodised treatments.

Metallic finishes help to catch the light, while semi-translucent and tinted clearcoats can be applied to smooth and brushed aluminium surfaces, creating a strong aesthetic finish.
The unique Hunter Douglas Luxacote® finish for facades is specifically designed to withstand even the most challenging external conditions.

This groundbreaking product, which Hunter Douglas brought to market after extensive research and testing, improves the durability of exterior aluminium building applications, thanks to its three-layer system that comprises an anorcoat pretreatment, a colour coating, and a transparent topcoat.

The topcoat contains a solid UV filter, which guarantees perfect colour and gloss stability, while also providing resistance against scratches and abrasion. The alloy and pre-treatment ensure corrosion resistance.

The colour options are also wide ranging in the Luxacote® system, from subtle shades to bold, colourful palettes and metallic. There is also the choice of PVF2, which is resistant against weathering and strong solar radiation and is ideal for any modernlook, dual tone, look-a-like finish or anodised aluminium.

Benefitting from a long tradition of product innovation, Hunter Douglas is the company of choice for those seeking high quality architectural solutions, working closely with architects, designers and builders from specification to installation.All Hunter Douglas products have been subjected to extensive laboratory and real-world testing to ensure the highest quality
every time.