PURE – Less is more

ALUCOBOND® is extending its naturAL surface series to include the new decor PURE. A surface for purists, futurists and creative thinkers. PURE is exactly what its name suggests: cool, matt silver aluminium, without surface texture and without mirror effects. Aluminium, the same lightweight metal used to create aircraft, vehicles and space dreams. PURE not only evokes eventful past and present utopias, it also provides inspiration for a new utopia in the future.

ALUCOBOND® naturAL PURE has a matt, untextured surface which reflects a mellow and smooth light. This light makes curves and soft contours in PURE appear particularly sleek and powerful. So, PURE is the ideal option to underline the dynamic form of a structure, its engineering or its users’ future orientation. Perfect for stand-alone buildings and for free-form expanses on iconic facades, PURE is also just right for subtle, delicate or small-scale applications.

As PURE is untextured and achromatic, there is endless scope for combining it with other materials. It blends well with patterned, textured surfaces such as grey weathered timber or wood grain, exposed aggregate concrete, dark matt bricks or rugged natural stone. PURE develops a reassuring strength in conjunction with the contrasting textures. Incidentally, the strength PURE demonstrates is not limited to design; it is also strong in physical terms. ALUCOBOND® composite panels naturAL are resistant to weathering, erosion and corrosion. They are also largely scratch and acid resistance. So, ALUCOBOND® naturAL PURE not only looks futuristic and dynamic, but also remains powerful and durable long into the future.

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Richard Geater, Specification Manager 07584 680263 


Project data:

Project: Equinix Datacenter AM4
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Façade material: ALUCOBOND® A2 naturAL Pure
Construction system: Tray Panels Special Design
Buildung Owner: Equinix
Architects: Benthem Crouwel Architects
Fabricator / Installer: Prince Cladding
Year of construction: 2017
Copyright pictures: Jannes Linders