Public Interest Design Practice Guidebook: SEED methodology, case Studies, and critical issues

This innovative new title is the first book to present public interest design as a viable profession of interdisciplinary design practice.

The first professional standard for public interest design, the Public Interest Design Practice Guidebook provides clear professional standards of practice, following SEED (Social Economic Environmental Design) methodology. With an ‘Issues Index’ focused on 90 critical social, economic, and environmental issues (illustrated with 30 case study projects representing 18 countries and 4 continents) readers learn that every human issue is a design issue.

Contributions from Thomas Fisher, Heather Fleming and David Kaisel, Michael Cohen, Michael P. Murphy Jr., Alan Ricks and Annie Moultan, and over twenty others cover topics such as professional responsibility, public interest design business development, design evaluation, and capacity building through scaling, along with many more. In addition, this comprehensive manual contains a methods guide, locator atlas, and an annotated reading list.

For anyone working in the fields of architecture, urban planning, industrial design, landscape architecture, or communication design, the Public Interest Design Practice Guidebook gives design professionals the information they need to create community-centered environments, products, and systems.

R. Steven Lewis, SEED Network founding member, USA, said:

“Bryan Bell and Lisa Abendroth have dedicated their respective careers to igniting the spirit of public interest design that exists within all of us who are charged with creating the constructed legacy of our time. If you have ever had the inclination to work on behalf of others whose needs are far greater than our own, then you will find the instruction, wisdom and inspiration contained within this book invaluable.”