Preschool makes the grade for award winning sustainable design

Formica Group contributes to child friendly environment

The Public Health Authority in Sweden highlights that the choice of building materials can affect allergies and respiratory diseases, such as asthma. Knowing the materials in our environment can impact our health, it is important to consider the indoor and outdoor factors children are exposed to when developing schools.

Children are more vulnerable than adults. High metabolism, respiratory rate and skin permeability means children are susceptible to a higher intake of environmental contaminants as their organs are still developing.

During the construction of Lillmunkens Förskola preschool in Munkfors, great importance was given to the build’s environmental and sustainability credentials. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials were used for both the building, including the exterior cladding, and the permanent furnishings and furniture.

VIVIX® by Formica Group was specified by KLARA Architects as part of the facade to complement the wood panelling. The panels were also used in the areas subject to high wear and tear such as the entrances, stairs and storage spaces. The durability of the panels being ideal for environments subject high traffic footfall.

Used in the design of the ventilated façade, VIVIX® panels help optimise the school’s heat and energy efficiency, and in doing so facilitates the work of green building technology alongside the products registered in the Swedish environmental databases: SundaHus, Byggvarubedömningen, BASTA and Svanen Husproduktsportal.

Lillmunkens Förskola was named after a nomination contest amongst Munkfors’ residents. A two-storey building located in the Munkerud area. The building and its five departments has a gross area of ​​approximately 1200m² and can accommodate up to 100 children. In addition to the departments, the preschool includes communal areas such as a music room, creative studio and staff rooms.

After its completion in 2017, Lillmunken Förskola received the Sustainable Building of the Year award by the Hållbar Byggande Värmland Association.

Project Facts

Location: Munkerud, Munkfors.

Architect: KLARA Architects and Sweco Architects in the design phase.

Entrepreneur: Noctor Bygg

Builder: Munkfors municipality, Värmland

Formica® product: VIVIX® by Formica Group

Formica Group reference: F1532 Eldorado, F7927 Folkestone

Application: Facade Cladding