Power Ethernet: Networking without downtime and disruption

De Vere Hotel Group have deployed high quality Internet access as part of the soft refit of their fantastic new “Chambre Unique” rooms without the usual disruption and making good of running new cables using Power Ethernet’s innovative Powerline Solution.

Power Ethernet is a business class networking solution ideally suited for specification where aesthetics and Internet connectivity is a priority. It turns the existing mains wiring in the building into a high speed data network without the need to cut into walls and ceilings thus keeping the downtime and disruption to a minimum – a big saving all round.

Often installers favour structured cabling, but there are times when its installation simply becomes too costly – this could be because of the building structure, the lack of useable conduit, the choice of building materials used or because of restrictions on listed or protected buildings.

In De Vere Hotel’s case, the requirement was to upgrade the networking as part of a ‘soft refurb’ only; so cutting into walls and ceilings for new cabling was not an option. Additionally the work could not be disruptive and downtime had to be kept to a minimum as the rooms had to be back on sale as quickly as possible.

MLR Networks, who look after De Vere’s infrastructure, partnered with Power Ethernet to come up with a quick and simple solution which provides Internet connectivity in the required rooms using Power Ethernet’s integrated Powerline Sockets. This patented device incorporates a four port, high speed Ethernet switch as well as a filtered 13 amp socket and simply replaces the existing electrical socket in each room.

The network was deployed in 22 rooms at De Vere Mottram Hall, 10 rooms at De Vere Belton and 48 rooms at De Vere Gran Hotel Brighton. The result is a business grade data network, installed in a matter of days and MLR manage to fit into the hotel’s normal routine maintenance to minimise disruption.

Furthermore, the Power Ethernet Network is so robust that it is capable of streaming HD video, accommodate the demand for new device connections or creating sub-networks to support relocation of WiFi access points, deployments of IP-Voice phones, CCTV cameras, building management systems, or any other future network base system.