Perfect for wood: wedi Fundo Ligno

The floor-level shower element with outer edges of just 20mm has been specially developed for use in existing and new builds with wooden floor construction.

In contrast to other shower elements, the wedi Fundo Ligno can be integrated into wooden floor coverings wonderfully. It fits and sits flush in the wooden flooring, without cutting into floor joists or building up further height.

However if needed, it can also be installed on top of floorboards in conjunction with wedi building boards to level the height on site.

  • 100% waterproof to the core
  • Integrated, pre-defined slope
  • Decoupling effect
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Easy to cut/adjust on site
  • Simple and safe installation
  • Ready for tiling

wedi also offer a product specially designed for use with the Fundo Ligno: a pre-formed foam element; the wedi drain substructure element guarantees reliable support and accurate aligning of the drain underneath the shower element, thus eliminating time consuming building and filling with mortar and screed.

Another recommended product would be wedi’s own sealing membrane the wedi Subliner Dry or the 2-in-1 sealing & decoupling membrane the wedi Subliner Dry and Flex. These membranes offer an optimum background to tile laying materials and at the same time also provide improved tension compensation during sudden changes in temperature.

Furthermore the wedi Fundo Ligno shower element is designed to work with all wedi system components such as wedi building boards, wedi Sanoasa shower seats or wedi Niches and many more including a long list of accessories, that truly complete the shower installation and waterproofing system.

Available in a variety of sizes, configurations and with three drainage options; corner, end or central.