Pentair introduces first BIM content for Raychem heat-tracing

Electrical heat-tracing specialist, Pentair Thermal Building Solutions, has launched the industry’s first BIM (Building Information Modelling) content for heat-tracing solutions. The comprehensive suite of new tools includes BIM families and the dynamic Raychem Trace-It Revit add-in for winter safety applications and hot water maintenance. With this content, architects, engineers, contractors and building owners can easily incorporate heat-tracing content into their building models to optimise efficiencies and performance.

BIM is widely accepted as the integrated process for holistic project collaboration and adoption rates are rapidly increasing across Europe and the USA. In the UK, this is reinforced by the requirement for BIM Level 2 on government projects by 2016. By bringing project teams together at the early stages, BIM has a critical impact in the delivery of more efficient construction projects throughout design, build, operation and maintenance phases.

Pentair’s new Raychem Trace-It add-in enables users working in Autodesk Revit to design, calculate and specify the company’s reliable, high quality heat-tracing solutions directly and quickly within their BIM models. This smart tool automatically pulls pertinent information from the Revit model, such as pipe material, sizes and lengths. From this, it provides a bill of materials for the heat-tracing application, circuiting information and installation details to assist with estimating and construction. Raychem Trace-It is currently available for pipe frost protection and single pipe hot water systems with more products to follow in the coming months.

In addition to the add-in, Pentair has developed a group of families for ramp heating and surface snow melting, and roof and gutter de-icing. Each family includes design guides and product information to assist with design of the heat-tracing system. Dynamic and streamlined, the BIM families and Trace-It add-in optimise the heat-tracing content within the BIM model. The content is easy to use with a simple user interface and is compatible with Autodesk Revit 2013 and all later editions of Revit.

Jonathan Jones, European Product Manager at Pentair Thermal Building Solutions, comments:

“Our new BIM content facilitates engineering design decisions, providing the deliverables needed to handle each project effectively. By using our Trace-It add-in and BIM families, each and every stakeholder has relevant and useful information throughout the project. This results in quicker, more efficient design and build, which saves time and optimises building performance. And importantly for the UK, we’re providing the tools to comply with the UK BIM strategy in advance of 2016.”

Brad Faulconer, Vice President and General Manager, Thermal Building Solutions, adds:

“BIM is a game changer in how buildings are designed, procured, built, delivered and maintained. As the first company to introduce BIM content for electrical heat-tracing products, we’re helping project teams adopt an integrated and collaborative approach to building design and management.”

“This latest innovation reinforces our position as pioneers in the global heat-tracing industry. It’s a tangible example of our commitment to meeting market needs and helping our customers do business more easily and efficiently,” says Faulconer.

The Pentair’s Raychem BIM families can be downloaded from Autodesk Seek ( and the Trace-It add-in is available in the Autodesk Exchange store ( A complete catalogue of instruction videos showing how to use the BIM families is also available to view on YouTube – search for Pentair Thermal Revit tutorials.