PC Henderson’s sliding solutions open doors for more students

Education Secretary Michael Gove recently announced increased funding for more places in schools in 2014 with £2.35 billion being added to the £5 billion spent on new school places by 2015. Mr. Gove announced 260,000 new school places have been created to date with many more to still be created by 2017. P C Henderson advises on how it is vital that space is used intelligently to provide the ideal environment for pupils in new and existing schools.

Fergus Pickard, Product Development Director commented:

“When considering school building it is essential to utilise space in a clever way whilst ensuring the materials specified are durable. Increasing school places means more footfall and therefore more general wear and tear. P C Henderson sliding door hardware is tested to withstand over 100,000 cycles. Our sliding door hardware can be used to save space and can create a flexible learning environment.”

PC Henderson’s Multidirectional, Council and College hardware allows rooms such as assembly halls to be divided into extra classrooms or used for different purposes when needed. Sliding hardware Husky 100 is ideal for heavy duty light commercial use and can be used for standard or cupboard doors eliminating the room needed for a swing door to function. Sliding doors are also the safer option as they eliminate the intrusive swing door.

The importance of creating a space that supports inclusive learning is also a key consideration. Sliding doors accommodate larger opening sizes allowing pupils who use walking aids or wheelchairs to use the school’s facilities with independence and confidence.

Leaves of the College system can fold to one or both sides of an opening and can be stacked behind a reveal if required, enabling a space to be completely transformed with no disruption. P C Henderson products are designed to be easily installed and maintained.

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