Panasonic launches new range of high efficiency radiators

At the cutting edge of design and technology, Panasonic is pleased to announce the launch of their new range of radiators, Aquarea Air.

Main Features:

  • Front panel heating with radiant effect
  • Only 35°C water temperature needed
  • High heating capacity
  • Heating / cooling operation.
  • 4 fan speeds
  • Extremely compact – just 12.9cm deep
  • Touch screen thermostat

With an innovative layout of the ventilation unit and heat exchanger, the Aquarea Air’s very slim and elegant design makes it a stylish and elegant alternative to traditional radiators.

The Aquarea Air fan is tangential with asymmetric blades and with a large surface area heat exchanger, it enables high airflows to be achieved with both low pressure loss and low levels of noise.

Unlike traditional cast radiators, the Aquarea Air requires a lower temperature on the incoming water circuit at just 35°C and with exceptional ventilation efficiency; the motor uses considerably less energy making it 32% more efficient than standard radiators.

Marc Diaz, Panasonic’s UK Country Manager explains:

“Fan assisted range of Aquarea Air radiators allow you to achieve the required room temperature without the need of oversized panel radiators which can up to twice the size, it therefore can blend elegantly into any home. The innovative operating principle is based on the use of micro fans that have low power consumption, sending hot air from the heat exchange to the inside of the front panel, heating it effectively.”

Available in three sizes, the Aquarea Air is very easy to install and a major benefit with installation is that no overflow valve is needed as a three way valve comes as standard. The radiator has three operating functions, heating mode using the radiant effect, heating with radiant effect plus fan and cooling only with the fan.

The Aquarea Air range is a versatile climate control system and with its high levels of efficiency, it’s the perfect solution to partner with an Aquarea air source heat pump.