Organic timber cladding reflects the symbolism of the circle of life

Canjaere timber cladding from the A. Proctor Group has been selected by WCP Architects to perfectly complement a beautiful new graceful design of the Baldarroch Chapel and Crematorium.

The contemporary building is sheltered by Station Wood on the edge of the Crathes, chosen for its beautiful countryside setting and proximity to key transport links.The symbolism provided by the surrounding landscape, its endless philosophy of recreation, living and dying was very fitting for an organic timber clad crematorium building, with the form inspired by the leaves of the woodland.

The architects design philosophy was to take the mourner on a journey, from the approach, with private areas out of view of the approaching public.The route through the building involves spaces designed to provide different experiences, from the protective entrance, open condolence hall, to the ‘introverted’ interior of the chapel allowing quiet time for mourning, and onward through the building, to open views of the countryside once again – symbolism of the circle of life.

Canjaere Classic Timber Cladding in the golden colourway, was specified by the architects, and installed by the Principal Contractor Bancon Construction Ltd. High quality sustainable materials and colours were chosen for low maintenance and longevity. Canjaere timber is treated with a unique process, which improves its performance, and protects the wood against moisture and preserves the finished look, backed by a 30-year maintenance warranty against rot and decay, providing the architect and client with total confidence in the longevity of the product.

The organic shape was a key element of the design, and the use of timber cladding and an aluminium roof, enabled the curves and fluidity of the building to be maintained, achieving the experience of total peace and harmony.