Now we’re cooking on gas!

ESSE’s iconic Ironheart has now been unveiled as a gas model, for additional control and convenience.

The wood-burning Ironheart is firm favourite at river Cottage and combines the finest features of ESSE’s stoves and range cookers.

It can be used to cook a full roast dinner in the oven – with six pans on the hotplate – or simply to boil the kettle. Users can prove dough around the Ironheart’s warm edges before baking fresh, crusty loaves.

However it’s used, the ESSE Ironheart has plenty of cooking and heating potential. It gives out up to 9.7kW to the room.

The wood-burning Ironheart retails from £3910 and is also available with a domestic hot water boiler. The gas model has all the style and substance of the woodburner, with the additional benefit of instant control. It retails from £4133.
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