Northcot Brick launches new yellow handmades

Northcot Brick, one of the UK’s foremost independent brick manufacturers, has launched a new range of classic yellow bricks as part of the planned extension of its well-established handmade range.

The three new blends – Woodstock Weathered, Wellacre Antique and Marlborough Mellow – add variation to the already much sought after rich warm reds and orange hues often associated with the historic brickworks.

Handmade using traditional bench mould methods and burnt in a coal-fired kiln, these distinctive yellow bricks offer subtle variations in tone and texture and a character designed to complement the architecture of the south and south east of England, being reminiscent of the traditional stock bricks often found in London and the South East.

“In order to keep pace with market demand for our handmades, we have increased our production capacity and broadened our range with new colour variations. Although new to the market, our Woodstock Weathered, Wellacre Antique and Marlborough Mellow blends will have a certain familiarity that resonates with much of the architecture in the south of England,” said Michael Brown, Managing Director of Northcot Brick.

Ideal for new build and commercial projects, the range is available in 65mm, 68mm and 73mm sizes and a range of British Standard special types is also available.

As with all Northcot first quality bricks, the handmade yellow range is manufactured to British and European standards, including F2 rating for Frost Resistance BS EN 771-1: 2003 and is hand checked to ensure consistency of quality throughout before dispatch.