NIBc banking on laminate to create a fresh and contemporary new look

Architectural firm Bureau 070 was commissioned by NIBc bank to renovate its employee canteen and relaxation areas for its Hague offices. NIBc knows the importance of looking after its employees so the intention was to incorporate good aesthetics into the workplace that would promote wellbeing. As part of the refurbishment, Formica® laminate was specified as an ideal material because of its office-appropriate cosmetic and functional features.

In the canteen the architects specified Formica laminate in Dark Chocolate for the counter’s panelling and Formica® Magnetic chalkboard in Diamond Black for the menu panelling above the counter. Formicalaminate is an excellent choice for any area where food or drink is prepared or consumed. It’s non-porous, easy to clean attributes make maintenance simple. A quick wipe of the surfaces with a small amount of soap and water can take care of any messes. The magnetic chalkboard’s innovative design not only looks attractive, it also has great practical qualities, perfect for displaying the canteen’s menu.

The value of communal areas in the workplace should not be understated. They are great spaces for informal meetings, and can be abuzz with creativity and ideas. Formica laminate in Spectrum Red and Carnaval were chosen to help foster an environment that encourages creative thinking. The bold and vibrant red will boost employees’ energy and stimulate the grey matter while they take their breaks.