New Zmart panel radiator from Zehnder

With the launch of the new Zmart Flex, Zehnder, one of Europe’s leading innovators in indoor climate solutions is set to challenge our definition of a flat panel radiator. Combining performance, comfort and sustainability with style, durability and ease of installation, the revolutionary Zehnder Zmart Flex takes radiator design to the next level, and offers many valuable benefits for specifiers.

Fundamentally different to a pressed steel panel the Zehnder Zmart Flex is manufactured from polybutane, a hard wearing polymer, and comprises a network of plastic tubes configured behind a steel sheet front casing. Designed to offer maximum freedom when designing a heating system the Zehnder Zmart Flex is fitted with a unique bracket assembly, which caters for varied locations and mountings. It also benefits from patented 360⁰ flexible flow and return tubes that fit all connections no matter where the pipework is situated, which can be discreetly placed behind the radiator to make them invisible to the building or homeowner. As a result the Zehnder Zmart Flex is ideal for use in new build, renovation or refurbishment projects as one solution covers all installation requirements.

Ecologically responsible and energy efficient, the lifetime impact of the Zehnder Zmart Flex was a key component during product development. As a result independent testing has confirmed a 25% lower environmental impact across manufacture, transportation, operation and recycling, plus an 8% lower carbon footprint when compared to a standard radiator.

What’s more, thanks to the choice of materials the Zehnder Zmart Flex is up to 60% lighter than a traditional pressed steel panel, significantly improving its manageability. This means the Zehnder Zmart Flex can be lifted, positioned and installed by a single person at all times, generating savings of 33% in transport and labour costs on site.

As for quality and durability, thanks to its plastic constitution the Zehnder Zmart Flex does not itself corrode, nor does it suffer the consequences of corrosion. Even when installed within a system with poor quality water, the efficiency of the Zehnder Zmart Flex is not impaired. As a result it comes with a full 10 year guarantee, providing peace of mind that the radiators will operate effectively for many years to come.

Available in a comprehensive range of 63 sizes and tested to EN442 requirements, a timeless classic design, with excellent functionality and cost effective operation, make it the Zmart solution to indoor climate control in both residential and commercial environments.

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