New Yeoman Shield products added NBS National BIM Library

With a selection of products already available from the NBS National BIM Library Yeoman Shield have now added their New Guardian Handrail range to the information website.

Utilizing BIM allows the client a clear understanding and visualisation of the building to be constructed, offering intelligent information on demand whilst helping to control building costs as well as giving an insight to future running costs as well.

As of April this year all centrally procured public sector projects will require the implementation of BIM at Level 2.

Yeoman Shield’s Marketing Manager, Sally Moores explained:

“Developed for use in public buildings such as hospitals and schools it was the sensible route to add the new Yeoman Shield Guardian Handrail range to our listing on the NBS National BIM Library. This will make comprehensive yet easily obtained 3D model information available to clients wishing to specify our products.” 

Yeoman Shield look forward to increasing their contribution to the NBS National BIM library but in the meantime authored products can be found by going to the NBS website or clicking the link on their website