New Transition Profiles: Dementia Strips

The specification of dementia friendly flooring transition profiles has become an integral part of interior design considerations in care homes, and places where people living with dementia may reside. Light Reflectance Values (LRVs) of flooring materials are used to measure the colour contrast differences between different products.

It is recommended that junctions and adjacent floorcoverings in dementia friendly environments should have an LRV difference of between 0 and 10 at most.

The three products – the two floorcoverings and a transition profile – should ideally have the lowest LRV difference possible.

Quantum has developed a new uPVC transition profile which comes in a choice of 14 different calming colours.

These give specifiers and flooring contractors the options they need to select a safe and suitable transition profile between floorcovering joints and achieve very low LRV differences at the same time.