New system offers the perfect partnership for cavity walls

The A. Proctor Group, renowned for providing high quality, innovative solutions for the construction industry, has developed a system, which provides architects, developers and contractors with exceptional levels of performance in cavity wall solutions.

The key drivers in both regulation, and targets on energy efficiency in buildings, have brought the design of airtight buildings to the forefront of the agenda. Air leakage is the uncontrolled flow of air through gaps and cracks in the fabric of a building. This results in a significant reduction in the thermal performance and efficiency of a good structure.

The use of Wraptite tape installed in conjunction with insulation boards offers the perfect partnership in cavity wall systems, and stops unnecessary air leakage. Typically an aluminium tape would be used to seal joints, openings and penetrations. Whilst providing a seal against air leakage, these tapes may not only prevent air, but also prevent the movement of moisture vapour, leading to potential problems and damage to the boards underneath over time. Wraptite tape is not only an effective airtight barrier, but its high vapour permeability allows any water vapour to escape the wall construction efficiently thereby avoiding any interstitial condensation problems. This ensures good indoor air quality and reduces the likelihood of mould, mildew, and timber distortion.

Extensive application testing with independent industry bodies provides specifiers with the total assurance they have come to expect from one of the most established and trusted manufacturers within the construction industry.