New Spring titles from Architectural Design (AD)series

Wiley is pleased to announce five new titles in its successful Architectural Design (AD), AD Primer and AD Reader series to be published during April and May 2015.

Constructions: An Experimental Approach to Intensely Local Architectures (AD Series)

  • Guest Edited by: Michael Hensel and Christian Hermansen Cordua
  • Published by Wiley, April 2015, £24.99, Paperback and e-book
  • ISBN: 9781118700570
  • The current trend for constructing experimental structures is now an international phenomenon. It has been taken up worldwide by design professionals, researchers, educators and students alike. This issue of AD examines one of the most promising trajectories in this area, the rise of intensely local architectures.

Practical Poetics in Architecture (AD Primer)

  • By Leon van Schaik
  • Published by Wiley, May 2015, £27.99, Paperback and e-book
  • ISBN: 9781118828892
  • Practical Poetics in Architecture, written by leading thinking and educator Leon van Schaik, takes poetics out of the theory class and into the design studio, showing architects how the atmospheric and experiential qualities of built structures can be intentionally considered and planned.

Context: Architecture and the Genius of Place (AD Primer)

  • By Eric Parry
  • Published by Wiley, May 2015, £27.99, Paperback and e-book
  • ISBN: 9781119952718
  • Eric Parry, one of the UK’s most highly regarded architects — whose work has been widely lauded for its innovative response to its setting — addresses the contemporary definition of context and its importance for sustainable everyday living and urban design.

Pavilions, Pop Ups and Parasols: the impact of real and virtual meeting on physical space (AD Series)

  • By Leon van Schaik and Fleur Watson
  • Published by Wiley, May 2015, £24.99, Paperback and e-book
  • ISBN: 9781118829011
  • Around the world, a new phenomenon is emerging. In public places, Pavilions, Pop-ups and Parasols are being constructed that encourage interactions between people. The catalyst for this new trend has been the changing social relationships initiated by social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This has enabled innovative architectural practices to effectively reinvent the nexus between real and virtual meeting.

Ground Rules in Humanitarian Design (AD Reader)

  • By Alice Min Soo Chun and Irene E Brisson
  • Published by Wiley, May 2015, £29.99, Paperback and e-book
  • ISBN: 9781118361597
  • Today, the ambition to provide humanitarian architecture for areas in acute need –whether afflicted by disease, poverty, conflict or ecological disaster – is driving design innovation worldwide. Ground Rules seeks to provide parameters for engagement at a time that these international initiatives remain largely ad hoc. This anthology establishes foundations for thinking about design and its role in the development for global change.

About Architectural Design (AD)

Founded in 1930, Architectural Design (AD) is an influential and prestigious publication. It combines the currency and topicality of a newsstand journal with the rigour and production qualities of a book. With an almost unrivalled reputation worldwide, it is consistently at the forethought of cultural thought and design.

Each title of AD is edited by an invited guest-editor, who is an international expert in the field. Renowned for being at the leading edge of design and new technologies, AD also covers themes as diverse as architectural history, the environment, interior design, landscape architecture and urban design.

Provocative and inspirational, AD inspires theoretical, creative and technical innovations as well as the far-reaching social, cultural and environmental challenges that present themselves today.

AD is available bi-monthly in print as an individual issue or book, on subscription (print and electronic), in ebook format for tablets and via the AD App.