New! Puddle Sucker from Saniflo

As we suffer more and more adverse weather conditions in the UK, particularly rain and storms, is it time for householders in areas vulnerable to floods to consider investing in pumps for emergency use? Or perhaps communities should group together to invest in shared pumps that can be loaned to households susceptible to water ingress.

Vulnerable houses are warned by the Environment Agency of the need to take action – generally a few hours prior to a weather front coming in. At this point pumps could be distributed to the houses most likely to flood in an attempt to stop the worst of the water in its tracks.

In February alone, the aftermath of Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis has left thousands of householders assessing damage.

The new Sanipuddle from Saniflo is a submersible puddle pump for rainwater that features a flat base and can suck away excess water to just 1mm. Pumping water away at up to 5.5m³/hour along the flat, the portable unit can pump up to 7m too if necessary. It can be placed straight into the water to keep levels low which helps to reduce any damage caused by flood water.

With very modest investment required, the Sanipuddle can used to control seepage, rainfall and rising groundwater without the need for a chamber or sump digging and can be deployed quickly in flood response situations.

Sanipuddle FSP

  • Submersible pump for rain water, with solid handling capacity of 1 mm
  • Made of polypropylene and stainless steel
  • Double mechanical seal
  • Vertical pressure outlet 1¼” with hose connection DN 25

For more information or to request a brochure or a price, please call the technical team at Saniflo on 020 8842 0033 or visit