New metre-squared pricing concept for blinds simplifies and speeds up the interior design process for architects.

Decor Systems, a national supplier of blinds and curtains for office, residential and mixed-use developments, has introduced a new pricing system which aims to dramatically simplify and speed up the costing process for architects.

By analysing large amounts of pricing data Decor Systems have been able to develop a simple m² pricing guide (called UP) which allows any architect to calculate the price for window coverings without needing to go through the process of requesting and waiting for a quotation, which dramatically speeds up the design cycle, especially when different solutions are being considered or where the design is subject to change.

Decor Systems Managing Director, Hugh McCreadie, said:

‘We know how fluid the interior design stage can be as different ideas and concepts are investigated, and the need of an architect to get updated cost information. We decided there should be an easier solution than getting new quotes each time, so we developed UP m2 pricing. Now, each time there is a change to the planned window shading coverage or solution the architect can calculate their costs in seconds.’

‘It also means they can easily work out different options, mixing one window covering type in one area and a different one in another area, so architects can give their clients a variety of commercial blind and curtain solutions at different price points.’

‘This has been incredibly well received. Everyone that has used it has said they can’t imagine why it hasn’t been done before.’

When Decor Systems receive a request for a quote, they provide the m² price for each of the relevant window blind and curtain solutions, and provide a spreadsheet with a schedule of window sizes which then calculates the total cost. If there is a change to either the specification or scope, all the architect needs to do is amend the spreadsheet and they have an updated cost.

Decor Systems can be found at or contacted on 01302 761122.