New London Architecture announces the 10 most exciting public spaces set to transform London

As part of their latest exhibition, Public London: 10 Years of Transforming Spaces, New London Architecture (NLA) has uncovered a host of new places and spaces that people will be able to enjoy across the capital, from elevated walkways, public squares and even swimming in the Thames. As part of this study the NLA has worked with designers, politicians and developers to unveil the 10 most exciting public spaces for Londoners to look forward to.

As the 263 towers set to grace the London skyline captured public imagination last year (a statistic also revealed by NLA), the think-tank organisation has now turned its attention to the changing look of the capital’s great outdoors as Londoners embrace al fresco living.

Projects such as the Thames Baths will provide the outdoor swimming community with new and well-managed zones in which to make a splash. London Wall Placewill allow visitors to explore some of the city’s oldest landmarks from above in landscaped areas in the urban heart of the City, while huge traffic islands such asElephant & Castle and Tottenham Court Road will be transformed into thriving centres of pedestrian activity. And for those seeking the quiet life, the Walthamstow Wetlands project will demonstrate how a bit of good design can go a long way towards creating an urban nature reserve.

With an ever-increasing population, London is feeling the squeeze where we live and work but the NLA insists that we must not forget the spaces we use to relax and move through the city.

Peter Murray, Chairman of New London Architecture said

‘As London grows we are seeing the development of areas of increased density, so it is vital that we have high quality open space where people can relax, meet and exercise. The ten new spaces provide an example of the sorts of places that will enhance new and existing parts of the capital.’

The following projects have been selected by the NLA to demonstrate the most exciting, thought-provoking and forward-thinking projects that will transform the capital and set an international standard of 21st Century living.

Public London: 10 Years of Transforming Spaces is running until 11th July and includes its own public space installation, Never Mind the Bollards. This installation demonstrates how small spaces within our city can be transformed into vibrant areas of public activity. A few benches and a little landscaping go a long way to improve the urban habitat.