New Green Floorzone heads to Ecobuild 2015

An updated version of the award winning Green Floorzone solution will be unveiled at Flowcrete UK’s stand during this year’s Ecobuild.

The environmentally friendly floor build up has been revitalised and refreshed with new systems that boast enhanced green credentials and exciting design possibilities.

Flowcrete UK’s Marketing Manager, Ian Jones, said:

“The Green Floorzone was already one of the most energy-saving single source flooring solutions on the market, however this year we’ve upped the stakes yet again!”

The three elements of the Green Floorzone (underfloor heating, screed and resin finish) have all undergone a makeover. Flowcrete UK will be showcasing these developments on its stand with a life-size, cut-through model that allows visitors to see each system close up and find out how they work together underneath the floor’s surface.

New to the Floorzone is the environmentally friendly Isocrete Alpha Screed , a pump applied, self-levelling floor screed. 95% of the alpha hemi-hydrate calcium sulphate binder used in this solution is reclaimed from waste created by coal power stations, significantly reducing the amount of industrial by-product sent to landfills. This cement free formulation also avoids the environmentally harmful side affects of producing and using cement.

The Isocrete Alpha screed is an evolution of traditional anhydrite flowing screeds, as it has a faster drying time and its laitance free finish means that sanding is not required prior to the application of a coating – speeding up the floor’s overall installation timescale.

The recently launched Mondèco Arctic systems will also be on display. This addition to Flowcrete UK’s seamless epoxy resin terrazzo range has been designed to provide commercial spaces with crisp and gleaming white surfaces that evoke an elegant, luxurious style.

Featuring three new colours, Alaska, Glacier and Polar, and providing superior UV light resistance, these floors help large-scale commercial locations to apply and maintain a seamless and visually appealing white floor finish.

The three Mondèco Arctic systems combine a white binder with a blend of light coloured aggregates, mirror glass and metallic particles in differing quantities, creating stylised white surfaces with subtly differing aggregate patterns.

Visitors to the Flowcrete UK stand will be able to find out about the entire Mondèco Mirrazzo collection . These systems provide commercial environments with a wealth of creative possibilities, as the colour, lustre and pattern of a Mondèco floor can be adapted to suit the style and image of each site.

Over 50% of the shimmering decorative aggregates incorporated within a Mondèco Mirrazzo finish are recycled to further minimise the environmental impact of a floor’s installation.

The third element in the Green Floorzone, the Isowarm underfloor heating , has been literally turned green. The pipes now match the Isocrete brand and reflect the system’s eco nature, as it is able to deliver energy efficiency savings of up to 30 per cent compared to conventional heating systems.

The Green Floorzone has already garnered a significant amount of industry attention and at Ecobuild 2014 it caught the eye of Kevin McCloud, who subsequently named the Isocrete Green Screeds range as one of his Green Heroes at Grand Designs Live.