New Aero Glide delivers alternative to opening hinged skylights for quick rooftop access

Architects looking for an alternative to traditional hinged opening skylights can now benefit from roof-top access or effective ventilation in seconds, following the launch of a brand new sliding skylight design from industry pioneer Sunsquare.

As the latest addition to the British manufacturer’s award-winning Aero range, the Aero Glide rooflight features a sliding pane that is available in two configurations: either over a fixed pane of glazing (allowing the maximum amount of natural light to enter), or over a cantilever frame. It is engineered to allow glass to move quickly and quietly, giving users swift access to rooftop spaces as well as instant access to fresh air.

Thanks to its innovative sliding design, the Aero Glide boasts market-leading opening and closing times as fast as ten seconds per metre – for ultimate convenience when accessing outdoor areas. Operated electronically through a custom-built control panel, the Aero Glide features concealed compact motor gears that are hidden within its base frame, keeping noise to a minimum for a fast, smooth and discreet opening.

Mark Lambert, Sales Director at Sunsquare, says,

“The feedback we’ve received from architects in recent years is that when it comes to specifying opening skylights, there are very limited options to choose from other than conventional hinged designs. We’ve launched the Aero Glide to change that – not only to give specifiers something different, but also to create a skylight that really delivers the wow-factor and gives customers access to rooftop areas or much-needed ventilation, faster.”

“One of the areas we’ve focused on during  the Aero Glide’s 12-month development is allowing the sliding element of the skylight to work on either a vertical or horizontal axis. This means it can open across its width or across its length. Not only does this give architects more options when planning building projects, but the result is an impressive spectacle for clients – allowing them to bring light into their homes in a dramatic way.”

“For end users we realise that convenience is key, which is why we’ve included two fully synchronised low-voltage motors to allow access to the rooflight as quickly and as safely as possible. It’s also controlled by a press-and-hold two button switch, making operation a breeze.”

As part of Sunsquare’s commitment to complete weather proofing, the Aero Glide is designed to incorporate a specially adapted frame, boasting the most thermally efficient profile on the market. Containing three thermal breaks to conductivity, the Aero Glide uses polyamide insulating sections to create an effective barrier between internal and external temperatures. This guards against the process of cold bridging, which can cause unwanted condensation and potential structural damage if left untreated. It also features argon-filled, soft-coat low emissivity glass to help reflect internal heat and add yet another layer of insulation. The result is outstanding thermal efficiency, reduced bills and lower carbon emissions.

As with all Sunsquare rooflights, the Aero Glide comes complete with shatter-proof laminated glass as standard. The safest, most reliable glass on the market, it helps keep users safe in the event of an accident by catching and holding any broken glass crystals within the laminate. It also provides effective protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, whilst still allowing sunlight to light up darker areas of the home.

Lambert adds,

“As well as offering impressive aesthetics, the Aero Glide provides the same outstanding thermal performance of our existing Aero range – honed and perfected through our 15 years in the industry. We also recognise that client safety is of paramount concern, which is why we use we choose to fit laminated glass as standard in our entire range – giving specifiers and end users ultimate peace of mind.”

For more information about the new Sunsquare Aero Glide skylight, or any of the products in the company’s portfolio of market-leading flat-roof skylights, please visit: or call 01284 848792.