New 70mm Window system with flexible U-Values

AluK’s brand new C70S aluminium window system uses three different foam insulation options to give specifiers flexibility to dial the thermal efficiency either up or down, depending on the performance and budgetary requirements of their project.

In hi mode, performance is an impressive 1.1W/m2K with triple glazing and 1.3W/m2K with double glazing, but if the project demands are lower, then the C70S can be specified in standard or partial mode to deliver slightly higher U-Values but at lower cost.

In terms of aesthetics, the C70S matches the slim 89mm sightlines of AluK’s widely specified 58BW window system and can actually be used alongside that system to achieve a consistent overall look.

It has been designed to suit low, mid and high-rise applications for both residential and commercial projects. AluK has ensured that it can be installed anywhere from exposed coastal locations to noisy, urban environments, with class-leading wind and weather performance and the option of 50mm acoustic glazing in the TBT and open out configurations. Water tightness at 1500Pa is the highest achievable in a UK test house and more than double the 600Pa industry standard, while air permeability is an impressive 600Pa and wind resistance is 2400Pa, even with large span openings.

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