N&C have a clear ‘burning’ passion for building works

You may have heard in the headlines recently about the £200m building, nicknamed ‘walkie talkie’, located in the financial district of London, Fenchurch Street. The semi-built, 37 storey masterpiece has been causing a stir as it has been reflecting immense heat due to its satellite-like, curved construction. As a result, a black luxury Jaguar XJ that belonged to Martin Linsday of N&C Moderna Contracts, part of the Nicholls & Clarke Group, had got in the way of the sun’s destructive rays and had begun melting!

As joint Director of N&C Moderna Contracts, Martin had parked in front of the glassy masterpiece to see a client after recently being awarded for ‘Tiling Contractors of the Year’. He returned an hour later, mortified that his car had begun warping inwards, with his left wind mirror and jaguar badge melting against the heat. Martin Linsday stated

“it is just unbelievable, you don’t expect to come back to a melted car caused by a building, it’s quite surreal.”

Developers Land Securities and Canary Wharf Group have agreed to pay for the damages to Martin’s car and have apologised, stating that the issue will be taken very seriously. Meanwhile, three car parking spaces near the tower have been taken out of use and temporary scaffolding is expected to go up to protect locals.