Nairobi’s Prism Tower nears topping-out

Boasting regional headquarters for major international firms like Google, General Electric, and Coca-Cola, accompanied by numerous United Nations offices, Nairobi is a developing hub for business and culture in the region. Recognizing the capital city’s demand for modern office space, local builder Kings Developers is currently constructing a major new tower to accommodate the needs of these international corporations.

Now under construction on a plot of land steps away from the traditional central business district, the 34-story Kings Prism Tower has been crafted by New York’s A + I Architecture. Featuring a vertical pattern of canted triangular faces, the building is described as a “jewel” which yields a “spectrum of vivid colors.”

Kings Developers aim to throw out the formulaic and bare bones office environment in favor of amenity-enhanced, contemporary and flexible spaces. Expansive glass windows maximize natural light and views, while a restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating areas lends additional lunch options for tenants. A free-flowing work space is made possible via column-free floor plates, and a 20-seat seminar room provides a private area to convene and collaborate. A swimming pool, sauna, jogging track, fitness room, and a podium rooftop garden match most amenities found in contemporary office and condominium developments.

Five levels of parking are housed within the project’s podium. Several security features have also been incorporated into the complex, including metal detectors, swipe card technology, and constant CCTV monitoring. On the environmental front, rainwater harvesting ensures that surrounding vegetation is kept in good health.

As construction progresses, the building is nearing its structural topping out point, with all but one floor having been built. If construction continues apace, the complex should be opening its doors by 2017.