Myson adds PEXcellent 5 to its outstanding underfloor range

Myson, renowned for its comprehensive and versatile range of underfloor heating products, has launched PEXcellent 5, a five layered cross-linked polyethylene underfloor heating pipe. A welcome addition to Myson’s established FLOORTEC system, PEXcellent 5 has five distinct advantages for the installer, helping to create even safer UFH systems for the end user.

No additives: PEXcellent 5 is an environmentally sound cross-linked polyethylene pipe which is manufactured without additional chemicals, making both its production and its end of lifecycle disposal exceptionally green.

Solvent free: The solvent free nature of the composition of the pipe makes PEXcellent 5 completely safe when in use for prolonged periods. After many years of use, PEXcellent 5 will still conform to all required technical standards.

Excellent stability: The five layers in the construction of PEXcellent 5 are cross linked for exceptional stability at all temperatures in a product that still offers a high degree of flexibility for ease of handling and fixing. An integral oxygen barrier guarantees high-levels of safety, which will last for decades, affording minimal losses and maximum corrosion resistance.

Guaranteed quality: Although seen here in a brand new product, the cross-linked polyethylene from which PEXcellent 5 pipe is made has a successful track record of use of more than 25 years. This versatile material lends itself to use in heating systems and easily conforms to Myson’s Complete System Assurance standards, safeguarding the company’s 10 year system guarantee for all FLOORTEC underfloor heating systems.

System compatibility: PEXcellent 5 is ideally suited for use with Myson’s existing tried and tested FLOORTEC system and can be applied using FLOORTEC tacker systems or Preformed Plate. This allows the installer to change to using a technically advanced pipe without needing new equipment.

Michelle Taylor, underfloor heating Product Manager for Myson says:

“In PEXcellent 5, we’re able to offer a new product founded on cutting edge, yet tried and tested technology, which will provide greater safety, quality and longevity in underfloor heating systems.

“Using PEXcellent 5 will give installers even greater confidence in the underfloor heating systems that they design and install, while delivering many years of trouble free comfort heating to end users. This improved reliability will help to further enhance installers’ reputations as heating experts. The fact that this pipe can be fixed using existing tooling also means that installers can offer their clients the latest in underfloor heating technology without further investment.”

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