Mindscapes for design

What do technology and poetry have in common? How does innovative design reach the public? How do companies manage to renew and reinvent themselves again and again? Where is editorial design headed in digital times? These and other questions will be answered at MCBW MOMENTS 2014 at the Old Congress Hall in Munich, Germany.

In line with the guiding principle Design connects, MCBW MOMENTS will be a reflection of the diversity of offerings at Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) under one roof – a showcase of multi-faceted themes at the largest design week for designers, businesses, and creative minds in Germany.

Dr. Silke Claus, Managing Director of bayern design GmbH and organizer of MCBW commented:

“MCBW MOMENTS represents mindscapes for design. With its conferences, exhibitions, workshops, discussion forums and exceptional installations, the event will offer topical insight into diverse disciplines of design,”

“Participants will strive to demonstrate the roles and relevance design will have in the future.”

Design competence concentrated under one roof
At the MCBW LECTURES, renowned speakers including Renny Ramakers, Boris Berlin, Justin McGuirk, Judith Seng and Martin Meier will showcase new perspectives through design. Focus will be on the roles of contemporary design as a moderator and motivator and on design in the field of tension between technology and poetry.

Professional groups participating in MCBW will include the Association of German Industrial Designers with its design breakfast focusing on the changing role of the industrial design profession and the Association of German Communication Designers with its workshop dedicated to train travel.

The symposium titled RE.SET – About the utopian moment in architecture, design and business by, and with, Nadin Heinich (Plan A Munich/Berlin) will deal with the meaning of the utopian moment with regard to design innovations, with the implementation of these innovations throughout the world, and with their roles within companies. The symposium will be flanked by an outstanding exhibition in the form of a dream world focused on one great inspiring idea.

At qved 2014 – Editorial Design Conference Munich, designers, journalists and publishers will report on their current work, provide insight into successful and failed projects, and illustrate fascinating examples of their peers’ work. With this conference, Typografische Gesellschaft München (tgm) will establish points of orientation for editorial design projects – an increasingly pressing topic at the crossroads of print and digital design. The conference will be complemented by the Editorial Design goes Art exhibition at which renowned artists will show individually designed covers and pages as well as entire editions of magazines in a concentrated manner for the first time.

Exhibitions and meeting points – global, young, thought-provoking
In five parallel exhibitions, new approaches by designers and businesses beyond the mainstream will be showcased. Under the motto SHENZHEN DESIGN, design originating from the Chinese boomtown of Shenzhen will be on exhibit in Germany for the first time. As part of the GO IN project developed in cooperation with the Berlin Arts Academy, 15 young designers will present their models of outdoor furniture made using innovative materials. HIT THE FUTURE – Design beyond borders will render the future of design experienceable.

MCBW MOMENTS will be rounded out with numerous opportunities for meetings and discussions. At Grantler’s Corner – a mix of hearty cracker-barrel ambiance and design-compatible installation – illustrious characters will conduct thought-provoking top-caliber debate about design. In the washrooms, the Kloklavier developed by Smarthead & Sons will enable visitors to have a surprising musical experience while washing their hands. The Kongressbar, a revival of the classic cocktail bar, will bring back memories of the furious fifties.